861 Hunter applicant

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861 Hunter applicant

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1. Your First Name/Age/Character Name/Class/Race. What server is your toon on, and have you ever changed your character's name?:
Hi there, names Clint I'm 26 years old and I play a human hunter and I play on Sargeras. I haven't changed it yet this expansion
2. Please provide a link to your armory. If you are specced PvP for any reason, please log out in PvE gear, and post a link to the build you will use for PvE.:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/s ... axx/simple
3. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft (both chronologically and /played time)?:
I have been playing wow since 2005, and my play time on this toon is 110 days. Mainly played on druid for about 300 days prior
4. Please list the name and provide armory links for each of your geared alts:
None atm working on shaman though

5. Raid experience (both before Cata and after). If you completed the raids on another toon, please explain. Please specify only content if you completed it while relevant.:
Raided every boss from karazshan until this point. Previous high achievement is reaching 13/13M in HFC on my balance druid.
6. Tell us why you enjoy your class and spec.:
I enjoy Marksmanship hunter for the mobility and high burst damage to easily down to down the quick mobs, different pace than boomkin
7. What resources do you use to learn information about your class and upcoming game changes?:
hunter discord, icy-veins, any forums basically. also askmrrobot
8. What days and hours do you usually play? Can you make all of our raid times?:
They vary every day but yes I can make your raid times.
9. In any successful guild, there are more players than there are raid spots. How will you feel if we make you sit out?:
It is what it is. I like to raid but if I don't make the cut or not enough healers ill understand.
10.Everyone makes occasional mistakes during raids. How will you respond to criticism when it is aimed at you?:
I take it well. When you've been raiding as long as I have, you get used to it.
11. Are you currently in or applying to another guild?:
I am applying to different guilds at the moment yes.
12. What previous guilds have you been with and why did you leave? Please be as detailed as possible (even if you are a server transfer).:
Was just in a guild called business executed. I left because they wouldn't end at said raid time. And also left a guild called raidedma on kil jaeden and I didn't like there schedule
13. Please provide a link to any recent WarCraftLogs reports you may have.:
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... 97/latest/ not the best but the guild business executed didn't do logs when I raided with them.
14. Can any members in Fate vouch for you? Do they know they are vouching for you?:
No, I do not know any members
15. Why do you want to join Fate? How will you make Fate better? What makes you stand out from others?:
I like your schedule and what you stand for. I feel being apart of a good team with the same mind set I have will want me to play harder. I do my job and I do it well. I don't cause any drama.
16. Please provide a screenshot of your UI, and a list of any class-specific addons you use that are not visible.:
I just use basic UI and dbm/skada/ etc
17. Tell us about your computer and internet. Can your system handle raids without lag and can you see spell effects at your feet? Do you have issues with your internet? Do you have a house full of roommates watching Netflix 24/7 or downloading donkey porn during raid hours?: Just bought a new computer and everything runson high so no lag. Never any issues with internet and I have my own place so no one is doing anything.

18. Do you have Mumble with a working mic? We aren't expecting nor do we want you to talk all the time, but in a raid it is essential to have a mic. It is mandatory. If you don't have Mumble or can't use it, don't bother applying.: I have all the voice programs, I know its mandatory to talk that's not a problem.

19. What type of loot system does Fate use?: Loot council also bnet name is staxx#11950

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