Read before applying.

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Read before applying.

Postby Nehalim » 17 Oct 2012, 08:49

(Credit to Kaliin for this post)

Greetings applicant,

You are expected to fully read the guidelines laid out in this thread. Once you have done this, go to the application template thread, copy the template and fill it out.

Applications will not be considered unless we can see that you actually put time into it.

This means decent punctuation and grammar. Do we use shortcuts in guild chat or when we use our forums? Sure. But would you ever say 'i would like 2 join ur company, it is gud" on a job application? I don't think so. Make a good first impression.

We are a raiding guild on Sargeras. We've been together for over 6 years now; many of us have played together for significantly longer. Pre-BC, we succeeded in clearing every raid instance, and we are doing the same in Mists. We are accepting applications for positions to help flesh out our raid lineup. Do not apply if you are not level 90. Please note that we may be full on certain classes. It is highly recommended you contact an officer in-game to see what classes we are currently seeking.

This is a PvE guild. Some of our members PvP in their spare time, but when it's raiding time and you're invited to a raid, you are expected to stop pvping and attend. This means your Spec should be raid-ready as well. It is highly recommended you do your homework on your class before joining the guild. If you are not familiar with theorycrafting sites, head over to the Elitist Jerks forums or your favorite site and get to know your PvE spec fully.

Raids are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, starting at 8PM eastern (EST), with invites going out roughly 15 minutes before we enter the instance, be on time. Please note, if you are not online during invites (e.g. you log in at 8 on the dot), your chances of getting a raid position will be diminished. We usually raid until 12pm (EST). If you cannot stay for an entire raid, make sure the raid leader knows before the raid starts. We expect every member to stay until the raid is called. These raid times are subject to change based on officer discussion.

About looting:

Looting is by LOOT COUNCIL. This means that when an item drops, the officers have a short meeting to discuss who gets what item. This ensures that the item goes to whoever can come back and help us in a raid. Some people might think that it's unfair that they don't get gear their first or second raid, but it has worked well for us in the past. In the end, loot is a tool to kill more bosses, if you are looking to join because you want loot, you should look somewhere else.

Re: Addons

We require all raid members to have the latest version of a boss mod, Deadly Boss Mods (or BigWigs). It is also highly recommended that healers use an addon tailored to increase the effectiveness of raid healing or mouseover macros that provides similar utility to Decursive is mandatory for classes that can dispell, including DPS! Any other addon which enhances your ability to play your class is encouraged.

Required gear:

Your gear should show an intricate knowledge of your class. Your gear also needs to be up to the level of content we're progressing through. This means full raid gear. Heroic blues will not suffice. We also expect to see dedication through farming. Crafted gear when applicable, for example. Toward the end of MoP we expect that apps have their Legendary Meta Gem and are at least on the iLvl 600 cloak.

Enchants/Gem Selection:

You are expected to have the best enchants and gems in slot for each item you have equipped. Arguments such as "I expect to replace this soon" carry no weight in this guild. If your gear is not enchanted or gemmed, your application may be immediately declined.

Combat Logs:

We ask to see these for a reason. They may come from or any similar site. With these we can see your spell usage, numbers, just about anything. With these we can better gauge you as a player, or make appropriate suggestions. If you are unaware with combat logs, Google is your friend and we encourage you to learn about them before applying.

About recruiting:

Recruits must be active WoW players. We aren't telling you to play 10+ hours a day, 6-7 days a week. However, you should be online just about every day. In addition, you should be online for more than just raids. We value most the people who can take time out of their day to help a guildie doing stuff that will enhance raid preparedness. In the end, being part of the raid means spending 12+ hours a week with the group and fitting in with the group is a must. We're pretty focused during progression raids, we're not spending 6 nights 6+ hours per week so when it's raid time, it's focus time, please keep that in mind. When we're doing some farming, PvP or something else we're a lot more laid back.

Lastly, we may bring you to a alt run or a farm night run to test you out before you get an invite to the guild. If your application is successful, please follow the instructions laid out in your application thread. Repeatedly contacting us in-game for information about when we will bring you to a raid is viewed as annoying, and may very well result in us not accepting you.

If you are accepted into Fate, you will be given "App" status. Your status may change based on whether or not you prove you have what it takes to be a raider. (Read: commitment, intelligence, positive attitude). It is strongly suggested that you not spam us with whispers about your application. This can be a long process, and it is recommended that you be patient.

Good luck with your application, and thank you for your interest in Fate.

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