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Postby Aizen » 10 Mar 2014, 22:42

I had some time today to write a small post about what we'll be facing in Phase 4 of Heroic Garrosh: Malice.
I'm sure most of you probably already know everything you need to in order to execute the mechanic properly, but to avoid a few extra wipes I'll try to make things clear. I've done my best to research and provide the most accurate explanations. If at any time you are able to identify any errors, I will correct them.


Here is a small Youtube video that explains Malice
(Although the main video is about the Ra'Sha dagger which is useless now).

Stolen from (but edited):

"The "Iron Star" that spawns only comes during periods of bombardment and then only at set points does a check occur to see if there is a clump of people. If there is a clump (3 people) then he will fire an iron star for each clump detected per clump check. These iron stars fixate on the closest person to them. They must be kited and brought to Garrosh just as he casts his big death spell, which he casts at 100 energy, that will spawn adds. On impact, the star will interrupt Garrosh's cast. The goal is to hit him with an iron star exactly as he starts to cast. If the iron star hits your kiter, your kiter will die. Also, regardless of who the iron star hits, it will do raid-wide damage. Ideally, you only want to have one iron star spawn in phase 4, and that's during your first bombardment. However, if your P4 is long and you need to interrupt Garrosh a second time, then you'll want a second iron star. The goal is to kill him before this happens however.

The person targeted with Malice will have a purple ring around him/her. Every 2 seconds Malice will apply a stacking debuff which lasts for two seconds to a certain number of people (2 people) inside the ring. If there aren't enough people for Malice to hit, it will give Garrosh energy, which will cause him to do his big cast sooner (Manifest Rage - Many Adds). Ideally, you only want someone to ever get 1 stack of this debuff, although for Malice #4 we had designated people take multiple stacks because of the timing of that Malice with bombardment and not wanting an iron star.

Bombardment is just a periodic mechanic where a ship from offshore will shoot stuff at the ground where your raid needs to dodge both the impact of the shots and the fire left after. It will require you to move the boss each time to a safe spot."

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Re: Malice

Postby Aizen » 11 Mar 2014, 14:05

I've noticed that my iPad shows the image cut off on the right side for unknown reasons. Everything looks fine on my main machine, however. In case the image is being cut off for anyone else, here is the direct link:

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Re: Malice

Postby Aizen » 15 Mar 2014, 14:55

In addition to Malice, I found some very informative posts regarding Empowered Whirling Corruption and other details below. I do suggest you all take a look

Small excerpt:

" Remember that when he's 10% and rping changing to his 3rd phase, don't stop attacking, He will end up with 20+X% of that health (I.E. if you get him to 4% before he goes into p3, he will be at 24%)."

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Re: Malice

Postby Aizen » 03 May 2014, 00:58

21:41 [Aizen]: Do the four people need to be in the malice for it to spawn, or just have 4 people clumped anywhere?
21:41 [Aizen]: Just trying to work out the mechanic.
21:41 [Yucky#1536]: malice is different from iron star
21:41 [Yucky#1536]: malice will always go out
21:41 [Yucky#1536]: at a certain time
21:41 [Yucky#1536]: to anyone except tank or if someone is kiting iron star
21:42 [Yucky#1536]: so you will always get 2 malices, at the end of the 2nd malice he does bombardment
21:42 [Yucky#1536]: after bombardment is 3rd malice
21:42 [Yucky#1536]: then iron star gets kited into garrosh at 100 energy
21:42 [Yucky#1536]: then 4th malice comes
21:43 [Aizen]: Just to be clear, 4 malices go out while only 1 iron star is able to be summoned?
21:43 [Yucky#1536]: and bombardment comes around same time as 4th malice
21:43 [Yucky#1536]: you can spawn more than 1 iron star
21:43 [Yucky#1536]: so be careful
21:43 [Aizen]: Right, the clump check is done 2 seconds before each bombardment right?
21:43 [Yucky#1536]: mmm it's like every few seconds
21:44 [Yucky#1536]: so during bombardment too
21:44 [Yucky#1536]: so you can spawn 1, tyhen another, then another
21:44 [Yucky#1536]: so as soon as you get 1, spread
21:44 [Yucky#1536]: so you don't accidentally spawn a 2nd one
21:44 [Aizen]: Oh I see. What about melee at the boss + tank? Will that spawn an iron star?
21:45 [Yucky#1536]: mm well it's during bombardment so no one should really be dpsing
21:45 [Yucky#1536]: it's just moving to new position
21:45 [Yucky#1536]: it sounds complicated but it's not that bad
21:45 [Aizen]: I've studied it rather extensively, I just wasn't sure on a few things.
21:46 [Yucky#1536]: ya
21:46 [Yucky#1536]: the only hard things are
21:46 [Yucky#1536]: hitting iron star at the right time
21:46 [Yucky#1536]: it's really easy to be early or late on it
21:46 [Yucky#1536]: and 4th malice it's at the same time as bombardment
21:46 [Aizen]: That's in the capable hands of Lyfa. :p
21:46 [Yucky#1536]: so it gets really sketchy
21:46 [Yucky#1536]: usually you have immunities soak 4th malice
21:47 [Aizen]: Well we should have two mages.
21:47 [Aizen]: so we should be able to soak 2 and 4 with dual ice blocks.
21:47 [Aizen]: What do you recommend?
21:47 [Yucky#1536]: do you have a hunter
21:47 [Yucky#1536]: hunter detterence
21:47 [Aizen]: 2 of them.
21:47 [Yucky#1536]: omg that's perfect
21:47 [Yucky#1536]: have both of em detterence the malice
21:48 [Aizen]: Do you think it would be up again in time for the 4th malice? (Since I think we could have the mages soak the other two)
21:48 [Yucky#1536]: everyone should be soaking malice on the first 3
21:48 [Aizen]: Oh I see.
21:48 [Yucky#1536]: 4th malice is during bombardment so everyone gets into position
21:48 [Yucky#1536]: while 2 hunters soak
21:49 [Aizen]: Excellent advice. We can definitely use this. Thanks a ton.
21:49 [Yucky#1536]: lemme see if I can find a vid from diff pov
21:49 [Aizen]: Ok.
21:51 [Yucky#1536]:
21:51 [Yucky#1536]: our mage's pov
21:52 [Aizen]: Thank you! That should be perfect.

Yuckster provided some extra tips on malice that I thought I would post here. The video link above should receive review as well.

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