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My name is Kent, I am 33 years old and my main character is a Human Retribution Paladin.

2. Please provide a link to your armory. If you are specced PvP for any reason, please log out in PvE gear, and post a link to the build you will use for PvE.:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/s ... s/advanced

3. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft (both chronologically and /played time)?:
I have been playing the game for about 10 years dating back to vanilla. I have been raiding since about the halfway mark of Burning Crusade. I have about 250 days played across the characters that I have raided on.

4. Please list the name and provide armory links for each of your geared alts:
The only other alliance character that i have that could go in to normal tier 18 content is my old rogue:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/s ... o/advanced

5. Raid experience (both before Cata and after). If you completed the raids on another toon, please explain. Please specify only content if you completed it while relevant.:
Burning Crusade: Honnso Rogue
Tier 4: Cleared all raids.
Tier 5: Cleared all raids.
Tier 6: Cleared all of Black Temple and first two bosses in Sunwell.
Wrath: Honnso Rogue
Tier 7: Cleared all raids.
Tier 8: Cleared all raids on Normal mode difficulty.
Tier 9: Cleared all raids on 25 man Normal mode difficulty and 10 man Heroic difficulty.
Tier 10: 12/12 25 Man normal mode and 11/12 Heroic 10 man. Cleared Ruby Sanctum on 25 man Normal mode.
Cata: Haunso Restoration Shaman was my main due to request by Raid Leader for better raid composition.
Tier 11:7/13 Normal before needing a break from the game due to college
Tier 12: I was only playing the game causally at this time, due to college commitments.
Tier 13: Returned to the game for the end of the expansion cleared 8/8 on normal mode.
MoP: Honnso Rogue
Tier 14-15: Was able to raid a little bit more regularly, but still had to commit a lot of time to college and now work.
Tier 15-16: Return for the end of the expansion cleared all of ToT and SoO on normal mode difficulty.
WoD: Honnso Rogue and Hauns Ret Paladin
Tier 17: Cleared up to last boss in Highmaul on the rogue, but at the beginning of the year had to take a break from the game to work an internship.
Tier 18: Returned to the game for raiding and decided to change mains to Ret Paladin. I am now 13/13 Normal and Heroic difficulty.

6. Tell us why you enjoy your class and spec.:
I enjoy playing all class that have a melee spec. I decide to go with the Ret Paladin for the current tier to enjoy the game in a class/spec that I have never raided in before. Also the fact that the Paladin class has strong spec's in both healing and Tanking played into that decision. I have only been playing the Paladin in a progression mind set for about three months but I am working hard to raise my percentile to the highest level I can.

7. What resources do you use to learn information about your class and upcoming game changes?:
I usually go to MMO-Champion, icy veins, noxxic, and WoWhead for written guides. Fatboss on youtube for video guilds. Also I have recently started a conversation with one the moderators on icy veins to help raise my percentile and performance in raiding on my new Main character.

8. What days and hours do you usually play? Can you make all of our raid times?:
I am free for evenings during the week and anytime during the weekend. I can make all raid times currently scheduled by the guild.

9. In any successful guild, there are more players than there are raid spots. How will you feel if we make you sit out?:
I have no problems setting out so that the raid can have the best raid group. There is still plenty of time left in the expansion to see these boss kills before the launch of Legion.

10.Everyone makes occasional mistakes during raids. How will you respond to criticism when it is aimed at you?:
I do not mind constructive criticism and since I have recently changed mains I welcome it.

11. Are you currently in or applying to another guild?:
Not at this time.

12. What previous guilds have you been with and why did you leave? Please be as detailed as possible (even if you are a server transfer).:
I raided in Curico/Aftermath from Burning Crusade until Cataclysm. From that time until WoD I was only able to be a member of causal focused guilds. Recently I was a member of a raid team with The Darker Side were we went 13/13 normal mode, but sadly that raid team fell apart.

13. Please provide a link to any recent WarCraftLogs reports you may have.:
Here are logs for a boss that I believe best shows my skill progression with my new main character:
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... #boss=1794

14. Can any members in Fate vouch for you? Do they know they are vouching for you?:
I sadly do not know anyone from your guild, but would love to get to know all of you.

15. Why do you want to join Fate? How will you make Fate better? What makes you stand out from others?:
I am looking for a guild with a established history and wants to build a positive environment for all it's players. As for me I have been described as fiercely loyal to my friends and guildies. If given the chance to succeed I will give the guild 110% of my efforts.

16. Please provide a screenshot of your UI, and a list of any class-specific addons you use that are not visible.:
I have added a picture of my UI the attachment for this post. If you have issues seeing please let me know and I will upload it elsewhere and provide a link.

17. Tell us about your computer and internet. Can your system handle raids without lag and can you see spell effects at your feet? Do you have issues with your internet? Do you have a house full of roommates watching Netflix 24/7 or downloading donkey porn during raid hours?: I have a AMD FX-8320, 8GB of RAM, and a GTX 970. My internet speeds are 75 down and 10 up. Currently I am the only person in my household that uses the internet for anything other than basic web browsing.

18. Do you have Mumble with a working mic? We aren't expecting nor do we want you to talk all the time, but in a raid it is essential to have a mic. It is mandatory. If you don't have Mumble or can't use it, don't bother applying.:
I have Mumble along with just about every other voice chat program installed on my computer. Along with a working mic and headset..

19. What type of loot system does Fate use?:
Loot Council.

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