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by Vheissu
04 Jan 2014, 04:58
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Topic: Before it blows up
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Before it blows up

soo good watch it before it become uncool to like it.
by Vheissu
10 Dec 2013, 21:09
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Topic: First time
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First time

First time I've seen this on sarg. WOW! Time to xfer
by Vheissu
19 Nov 2013, 04:03
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Topic: What I Ment the other day
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What I Ment the other day

When I would get a gross string of crits and received crit heals, I was not able to see the center of my screen, Weakauras, Divine Purpose Procs, Where slams were being casted or add's HP.

It also Reset my Keybindings every time I zoned in
by Vheissu
12 Nov 2013, 12:48
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Topic: Best GM response EVER!
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Best GM response EVER!

This guy is good.
by Vheissu
28 Oct 2013, 00:15
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Topic: Calis getting the Middle Finger
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Calis getting the Middle Finger

by Vheissu
06 Sep 2013, 21:35
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Topic: Hey is that a Samsung Gear Smartwatch accessory?
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Re: Hey is that a Samsung Gear Smartwatch accessory?

ppl still use watches? what the heck! don't ppl have cell phones to tell us the time.

next you're going to tell me that ppl still use Landline phones and fax machines.
by Vheissu
16 Aug 2013, 01:56
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Topic: Humble EA Bundle
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Re: Humble EA Bundle

I got BF3 and DS3 now doooggg
by Vheissu
27 Jun 2013, 02:41
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Topic: Funny Pictures
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Re: Funny Pictures

by Vheissu
25 May 2013, 05:51
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Topic: Xbox One vs PS4
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Re: Xbox One vs PS4

I want to spend $500 on a netflix box. YOOOHOOO!!
by Vheissu
02 Nov 2012, 17:31
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Topic: Music for Videos.
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Music for Videos.

If you would like to see a song in our next Kill Video, post here.

Only style of songs I will not accept is Rock style of music. It just doesn't match well with wow videos. unless it has a really good remix then maybe.

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